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Easy Ways to Transform Your Space

Decorating for a big event can be intimidating. Fear not! Our pros at Shindigz have put together a guide to transforming your space without pulling your hair out. Transforming your space takes a few key elements to really make it work.

Rely On Fabric and Curtains

Fabric is the most cost-effective way to make even the worst venues look luxurious. For the easiest results, pick one to two colors from your event’s color scheme and drape fabric from the ceiling, or cover ugly wall spaces. Here are a few examples of fabric in use.

Use Your Tables

A lot of space at your event will be consumed by tables, so take advantage of this and add in vibrant table cloths, centerpieces, and maybe even chair bows.

Add a Few Focal Points

For a large space, you don’t need to cover every inch of the room. Adding in a few focal points around the room will help to break up boring walls and draw the eye around the room.

The best focal points are items like ceiling decorations, cutouts for the wall, or even photo booths.

Leverage Your Lighting

If you have the choice, shy away from using standard florescent lighting. Using string lights around the room, paired with candles on the tables, will help to set a good tone for the event. If you need more lighting, consider adding in lighted props like columns and party props.